31. Januar 2006 — Dienstag


  • Saturn at OK prompt. boot command determined it was unable to see hard disks. After powering it off and reseating the hard drives, it booted up just fine. Nothing of any value in the system logs. Solaris has some deficiencies. Monitoring closely, just in case it is a security problem. Working with the system owner to schedule testing and upgrades
  • LDAP feed into Active Directory failed. One of the files had a single comment, which the ldif diff program fails to accept. Re-running by hand.
  • Oracle Calendar: Retrieve information about BlackBerry and Palm TREO for a customer
  • Group maintenance for batch system on new SIS machine
  • more module/schema tweaking for 2.3.19…. found out that slurpd and syncprov do coexist (Whew)
  • rack2h filled up… student doing home work

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