26. Januar 2006 — Donnerstag


  • Start tracking down who is in charge of walk-in help so I can work to provide training to them to prevent locking more student’s accounts due to CIT internal problems
  • LDAP: two student employee errors from the HR feed — seems to always be graduate students this year
  • LDAP: OpenLDAP 2.3.19 released… rebuild the 2.3 RPMs… more testing…
  • DNS update for Geoff
  • Reactivate the AD account for a Temporary employee that left over 21 days ago to allow the departmental data that was stored in the personal “My Documents” folder to be copied out to the S: drive.
  • Work on problem with Banner feed… course was tied to fall semester but runs into the spring and students enrolled in the course got dropped from the feed. Emergency fix going in today, permanent recoding fix to be scheduled
  • Meet with Info-Ed rep about feeding info from LDAP
  • rack2b filesystem full — staff member backing up their laptop

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