25. Januar 2006 — Mittwoch


  • New version of AdiumX downloaded and installed on PowerBook
  • Test daily update LDAP job on 2.3.18-9.uvm with delta-syncrepl replication
  • LDAP: “Student Employee Error” — another non-US student who doesn’t have a valid US ID Number so have to resort to alternative means of matching the HR and SIS information… (Sigh)
  • File ITS 4372 to patch support for building the auditlog overlay into OpenLDAP
  • FP Issue=17949 Proj=4: IKON made a config change on the Canon 2870 and now it works! Updating the wiki for Xi-Text to reflect this case.
  • rack2d filled up. Moved several people to get enough room to let it grow while I tracked down who was filling it. Emailed the student who was uploading 5GB of music files.
  • rack2d filled up a second time… same student… up to 8GB of music files…
  • rack2d … it was the walk-in help technicians… we didn’t train them to use /backup (sigh)
  • echovermont.org DNS changes
  • DNS changes for COM


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