24. Januar 2006 — Dienstag


  • Create a blog
  • Assist a client services representative on a Eudora to Thunderbird conversion that didn’t go so well
  • Backport fix for ITS4365 into OpenLDAP 2.3.18 and patch to enable the auditlog overlay
  • build and test the -9.uvm version of the 2.3.18 rpm
  • Meet the new WrightLine salesman for the area
  • Call ServerTech to get pricing for new PDU’s in Mann
  • More work on FP Issue=17949 Proj=4 — the Canon 2870 works as an LPR printer with a print queue named “lp”. Unfortunately, I’m still unable to get it to print anything. This is very frustrating to have new equipment just appear with no prior notice/testing and then jumping through the hoops to figure out how to support it for the customer. Always makes it look like we don’t know our job. Harumpf!… It’s still not working!
  • Meeting with the CIO

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