23. Januar 2006 — Montag


  • Forward barcode duplications to catcard office
  • Verify DOS with delta-syncrepl in OpenLDAP 2.3.18
  • FP ISSUE=17940 PROJ=4: confirm that README* is ignored when generating the index from a directory by the configuration file.
  • File ITS #4364 concerning the DOS possible with delta-syncrepl in OL 2.3.18
  • Update email virtuser for echovermont per request
  • Update samba config on sis machine for new employee
  • Download and burn the RHEL4-U2-i386-AS iso’s
  • CATalyst consultant account magic done
  • FP Issue=17949 Proj=4: Added a new printer to Xi-Text and changed the address of another one
  • rack1b filesystem full — moved two accounts that hadn’t been accessed in 6 months
  • ITS #4364 was fixed in HEAD. Download changes and apply to 2.3.18 code. testing shows that the master server no longer segment faults with the scenario, but there’s no indication on the consumer that anything is wrong, other than no updates happen

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