21. Dezember 2005 — Mittwoch


  • LDAP Student Employee error — found student and connected the two entries
  • TRU: 64851685/64851690 — battle continues… SUN Silver Support is unreliable!
    • Apparently, the controller that came in last night was the wrong style. The correct style (new style) should arrive today at noon. Then we can see if that fixes it or we still have other problems to find and repair
    • Apparently, Mike and I are both good at stirring up hornet’s nests… NIS (the people that sold us the support) are asking for a conference call to discuss what happened and how we can be assured that it will never happen again — based on a note I sent to the sales person that we were unhappy with SUN’s response
    • Sun engineer and Sun SE arrived with the correct controller and the hardware came back up nice as could be.
    • Oracle folks are now working to get the databases back into a decent state and get the application back up.
  • Update ph2ldap configuration so it doesn’t return the internal routing address which will only confuse people

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