15. Dezember 2005 — Donnerstag


  • Working on the conversion scripts to move ou=People,ou=Expired and ou=Aliases into ou=People tree branch
    1. duplicate footprints dn in ou=People
    2. update slapd.conf on all servers with new dn
    3. recycle all ldap servers
      • Oops! DO NOT USE slapd_db_recover… it messed up porcupine!
    4. update footprints config to use new dn
    5. run conversion script
    6. remove old footprints dn in ou=People,ou=Expired
      • Oops… footprints has the DN in two places
      • removing the old DN caused logins to fail for 9 minutes (from 10:47 to 10:56)
    7. update slapd.conf on all servers to remove old dn
    8. recycle all ldap servers
    • Started at 9 AM
    • Completed at 11:50 AM
    • Caused two problems
      • porcupine’s database corrupted by running slapd_db_recover
      • footprints unable to log people in for 9 minutes
  • Finally got OpenLDAP 2.2.30 to build on RHEL3


  • meeting with Network Services
  • Team meeting — mission statement

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