16. November 2005 — Mittwoch


  • LDAP: Further investigation and discussion with Registrar’s office concerning a duplication of SSN numbers
  • Propose a separate MySQL server for TSG production uses so the consistant problems caused by sandbox and web server accesses of the MySQL server stop making webmail and footprints unavailable.
  • Copy the new ashelp.html file to the production footprints server (it was installed and tested on the test server yesterday — apparently I forgot to blog anything yesterday)
  • Notified the remaining folks that they need to update and test their group.html file equivalents before FootPrints gets upgraded on Nov 25
  • FP ISSUE=17129: Hung IMAPD — removed
  • Code review for Geoff
  • UPS Meeting in MANN
  • Fix path bug in account activation web page

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