11. November 2005 — Freitag


  • FP Issue=16731 Proj=4: gave directions for using the Address Book in Thunderbird to look people up in the UVM LDAP Directory.
  • FP Issue=17022 PROJ=4: recovered webmail addressbook (MySQL table records) from October 30 backup
  • FP ISSUE=17066 PROJ=4: hung imapd on penguin2 — removed
  • FP ISSUE=17070 PROJ=4: hung imapd on penguin5 — removed
  • Consultant account: updated LDAP directory so it will get properly copied into AD
  • FP ISSUE=17075 PROJ=4: hung imapd on penguin5 — removed
  • FP ISSUE=17082 PROJ=4: hung imapd on penguin4 — removed
  • Create requested blog for a user


  • Shutdown the production server (5am – 6:15am) and copied the database/code to mink for testing purposes
  • Actual copy time was less than five minutes!
  • Had to upgrade DBD-mysql to the version from 7.0 to get it to work with the MySQL 4.1 database
  • Upgraded to 7.0d3 — caused a failure.
    • Had to manually create the db/ABMASTER1/MR/abmasterMasterTableCreated file to get around the 203 error when administrator account logged in
  • Announce the availability of the test server…


  • rewrite the sql_check.bash script for the test server

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