8. November 2005 — Dienstag


  • On Call day
  • SMmonitor stopped running on ermine.
    Paged at 0700.
    It stopped somewhere between 0630 and 0700.
    It stayed running — assume it is working.
  • LDAP
    • Registrar fixed the duplicate PIDM problem from Saturday by deleting the one that LDAP had created an account for (Ugh!).
    • Reclaimed the expired entry with the remaining PIDM information.
  • FP Issue=17001 Proj=4: Hung IMAPD, responded to SigUSR1, killed!
  • rack1b 97% full
    • moved the big user to clear space
    • Culprit was edml177 which uploaded 1GB of class materials
  • DNS update for ResLife machine
  • MySQL hung up, all clients busy doing something, kill -9 required to get it to restart


  • Catalyst FP Issue=599 — SSH.COM not working
    • Fixing issue #1 — my inability to log into cardinal at all
      • Seems my account didn’t have a home directory
      • didn’t have a home directory
      • And didn’t have a valid shell
      • Amazingly, the computer wouldn’t let me log in (GRIN)
    • Brief sidetrip to investigate PAM support in sudo — determined that since sudo has not been tested with AIX PAM, that this is a good road to not go down at this time.
    • Giraffe fixed by adding “keyboard-interactive” to the list of AllowedAuthentications.
    • Otter’s version of the SSH.com client is too old to support the “keyboard-interactive” Authentication method. Should we remove it?
    • Windows SSH.COM ssh client needs to be at least 3.2.x and needs to have keyboard interactive set as a valid authentication mechanism.
    • Have to be careful, because upgrading from an older version doesn’t appear to replace the settings file and therefore the newer default authentication methods don’t get added
    • Issue closed


  • TAR 4787052.993
    • Soft closed — waiting for recurrance
    • Updated the csmon.sh script to keep seven days worth of info to avoid filling up the disk

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