7. November 2005 — Montag


  • Walk ces rep through problem with PHP web page
  • Created a blog for a user who requested it on Saturday
  • LDAP
    • Duplicate PIDM entry in Saturday’s update
    • It truly is a duplication… Registrar’s office notified
  • FP issue=16985 proj=4: Hung imap… sigusr1 responsive… killed


  • TAR 4848713.992 — PPC browser
    • Official answer is Oracle does not support the PPC Browser that SyncML is the way to go with these devices
    • The offered to enter an enhancement request
    • I responded that BUG 3662237 seems to be the same issue and that guilty until proven innocent (broken until certified to work) is not a very defensible position
    • Oracle is opening bug 4722248 as an Enhancement Request (ER) for this topic.
  • TAR 4787052.993 — db_Vista 10 during backup
    • Oracle updated with source for fedora core 3 procinfo tool
    • Will download and attempt to compile on RHEL3u5
      • Requires libtermcap-devel for building
      • Seems to build cleanly after that
      • Installs and runs on test and production systems
      • monitoring script set to run every 20 minutes on production system


  • 56359:
    • UniPress has not updated this FP since 2. November and I can find no evidence they have accessed the system to check anything out.
    • Calling to speak with a rep to see what is going on.
    • Concerned with support for 6.5c being dropped tomorrow.
    • Made their account project admin for the project with the problem
    • Thirty minutes on the phone and Dan was able to find and fix the issue
    • MRusers files for idividuals did not list an agent type (2) as the second colon delimited field
    • projectLogins files did not list the projects which had the agent type missing from the MRusers files of the same name

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