4. November 2005 — Freitag


  • TAR 4776115.993
    • Information from oracle support confirms that this problem was caused by the specific mailignoreerror that was the recommended fix for TAR 4560587.992 is the direct cause of this incident.
  • TAR 4848713.992
    • Oracle says that the Pocket PC browser is not supported and soft closed the TAR!
    • I responded that their response was not satisfactory


  • Giraffe /var overly full. Deleted syslog file (135MB) from 29 November 2004.
  • FP Issue-16949 proj=4 — hung imapd
  • Mink: Install fresh copy of RHEL3u6 for FP7 and MySQL4.1 testing
  • UPS Trap forwarding — New list from the windows weenies of machines to forward the traps to
  • SecurID:
    • Cardinal becomes a client
    • ERP Firewall update info passed to ERP folks again
  • Reboot lion … 744 days uptime … way slowed down…
  • Reboot didn’t fix lion… must be the UPS itself that is so slow

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