3. November 2005 — Donnerstag


  • 56359
    • reset the unipress footprints account password to a shared secret so they can log in to check things out


  • TAR 4776115.993
    • Oracle wants me to add the following line to the [CWS] section:
      mailignoreerror = {64,68,71,75,67,70}
      This will add errors 64 and 68 to the default list of 71,
      75, 67, and 70. The present entry has just {64} — which was
      the recommendation from TAR 4560587.992… was this problem
      caused by Oracle???
  • Unsupported browser
    • Research issue with browser from Axim X5 and Audiovox Thera getting sent to a “Your browser is not supported” page
    • This appears to be an instance of Oracle bug 3662237
    • Oracle has implemented a list of known to work browsers and all other browsers are assumed not to work
    • Open TAR 4848713.992 for this


  • Watch machine room for A/C temporary unit testing
    • Orientation of the temporary units discharge port makes a remarkable difference in our automated sensor readings.
    • The one on the east wall being angled toward the sensor causes it to read a good humidity level and a cool temperature
    • Definitely airflow patterns…
  • test horde-3.0.6 version of webmail
  • Remove mink monitoring from BB
  • Team meeting

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