2. November 2005 — Mittwoch


  • FP Issue=16903 proj=4: Hung imapd
  • FP Issue=16904 proj=4: Hung imapd
  • FP Issue=16906 proj=4: Hung imapd
  • groundhog smtp measurements…
    • Looks like groundhog was shutdown yesterday — will verify that later with Jim.
    • discovered that whistlepig is running a newer version of sendmail than the scripts were written to handle so updated the scripts to deal with both the new and old versions of sendmail statistics
  • Applied 10.4.3 update to laptop
  • Downloaded and burned IBM’s UpdateXpress CD 4.02 version — 2005/10/10 release
  • run Oracle root install script for MJG on cat000

WebCT 6.0

  • Installed RHEL3u6 on carp so I can keep it updated and ready for when webct gets installed


  • Issue 56359: Unipress provided a new proj30 file which was installed but doesn’t seem to fix the problem. Waiting to hear whether it requires the footprints web processes to be cycled or not.

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