28. Oktober 2005 — Freitag


  • FP Issue #16853: Hung imapd from 19 October.
  • Open issue with DotHill to get replacement 146GB drive for zoosan4 (one failed last night).
  • FP Issue #16858: Hung imapd from 12:23 this afternoon.
  • DNS: defined two permanent names in the campus.ad.uvm.edu domain for wins systems. (nsupdate mouse)
  • FP Issue #16859: Hung imapd from Oct 25.


  • Issue #56359
    • Responded to update from UniPress reiterating the problem in an attempt to correct the misunderstanding they were operating under in their response.
    • Bess found two agents (Hope and Justin) that are not working correctly. We called UniPress and talked with Linda. She had us upload a tar of the FootPrints etc directory for analysis.
  • Examining the install scripts for 7.0 — need to modify the mrMySQLConfig script to use a unique database name (at least as a start).


  • C0531558
    • Obtain the 6.1 install media, documentation, and instructions to upgrade our ACE/Server 5.2 configuration
    • Well, NO! 6.1 distribution has been discontinued due to a database corruption issue. Current recommendation by RSA is to stay with 5.2.
    • Case (and project) closed!

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