27. Oktober 2005 — Donnerstag


  • New three year SSL certificate for giraffe webserver.
    • Installed new certificate files and modified httpd.conf file to specify correct ServerAdmin address
    • Will need to recycle the web server this evening to ensure that I didn’t mess anything up.
  • FP Proj=4 Issue=16841 — hung imapd.
  • /rack2e filesystem 97%.
    • Moved two users off to /rack3a.
    • One was large to get the pages to stop.
    • the second was the actual offender. However, when attempting to send him email, it bounced because he’s over quota and he doesn’t have a local phone number listed.


  • installed new ldap-stats.pl script on all the servers


  • Research process to upgrade from 5.2 to 6.1
  • Request 6.1 media from RSA


  • Check Oracle site to see if Treo or Blackberry device is supported with the version of Calendar server we are using
  • Nope… Oracle specifically says the Treo 650 is not supported and only supports a single Blackberry model 6710. Carol says the connector didn’t work well at all with the Blackberry she attempted to set up in August.


  • UniPress Issue #56359
    • Opened issue to see if we have data corruption or a local problem, because we renamed an unused project but can’t get the project management page to show the correct list of agents
  • UniPress Issue #56360
    • Opened issue to see what kind of trouble I was going to get myself into attempting to install FP v7 on the same system pointed at the same remote MySQL server (in test mode) that the production FP v6.5c is using.
    • UniPress says I’m going to shoot my foot off because the name of the MySQL database is hardcoded and cannot be changed…
    • I believe this is a job for Sir Hacks-a-lot!

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