26. Oktober 2005 — Mittwoch


  • Apache error on giraffe report forwarded from Ed — asked Mike G. if it could be related to the work he was doing with upgrading Oracle on giraffe yesterday.
  • ~account path error on moose again. I think I have found the last of it and fixed it all this time.
  • Credit Card system seems to have had issues again last night. The restart doesn’t seem to have worked last night, but it does appear it worked properly this morning when it found it was again broken. Requested John check that things were flowing correctly.


  • Apparently, I missed that UniPress isn’t supporting version 6.5 anymore and now I need to plan the upgrade.
  • Worked with Stef to debug why she’s unable to append to issues in project 19. The code is claiming that her email address is not an assignee — which is true, but her netid is an assignee. She’s working with Bess to see if there is anything radically different about this project versus ones that do work, then we’ll see about talking with UniPress on the issue.


  • Verified that the backup job ran appropriately (it took less than a minute).
  • Adjusted the script to not run in debug mode.
  • Set it to run at 1:10 AM every day
  • Set the “live” backup on the primary to run at 12:10 AM every day


  • Corrected a “Student Employee” error
  • Continued discussions with Warren about LDAP to HRS feed being updated to generate a transaction to remove the netid from HRS when HRS stops sending the person’s information to LDAP.
    Said it would take two weeks to design and implement the change.


  • Received notification that the version of Oracle Calendar we are running will go off support on March 1, 2007.

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