24. Oktober 2005 — Montag


  • /users/a/c/account symlink was changed Sunday afternoon (16:13) to point at the DFS path. Reverted it to the local path to stop the hourly errors from mkacct.
  • moveuser script rewritten in perl and facility to determine best filesystem to move the account to reimplemented.
  • Update the scripts that used /users/a/c/account and /users/n/a/nameserv to use the local filesystem paths instead and put the symlinks back the way they were (since Mike explained why the change was made and I agree with it).


TAR 4787052.993
Responded to update from over the weekend that the previous dbVISTA ERROR 10 TAR action plan was not expected to actually eradicate the errors (and that I understood that) and that they have forwarded my questions about procinfo and the timing issues to development

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