21. Oktober 2005 — Freitag


  • TAR 4787052.993 — Install ~oracle/bin/csmon.sh script which requires iostat and procinfo. Found iostat in the sysstat package, but had to update the TAR asking where to get the procinfo program for RHEL3. Also asked why the default timeouts are such that the standard unidbbackup, which they want run on a nightly basis, is such that these dbVISTA ERROR 10’s (lock timeouts) are caused by it.
  • TAR 4776115.993 — Answered questions about reproducability of the issue. We haven’t seen it again. However, we continue to see problems with queue entries getting “USER UNKNOWN” errors from sendmail and being put back in the retry queue until the users call and get us to remove the queue entry.

Account Scripts:

  • Updated accountname.pl and removeuser for the new DFS fileserver which is now housing home directories for various accounts

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