18. Oktober 2005 — Dienstag


  • Multiple footprints issues about hung imaps from yesterday. Seems the overload on smtp caused by the massive email surge (was it spam) at about 11:30AM caused several clients to get multiple connections locked up.


  • Download, install, run the configuration checker for WebCT 6.0. The only problem it found was the newer kernel because we are running on RHEL 3 update 6 instead of RHEL 3 update 4 (big deal).


  • Banner delivered a student that had two id’s in the past with both ID numbers — so the nightly update process could not determine which one to reactivate.
    • I reactivated the newest one because that was the one that Banner actually thought it knew about and neither account has ever (and I do mean EVER) been used by the graduate student.
    • I then deleted the older one so the nightly update process would not blow up and refuse to run with a duplicate ID number problem tomorrow morning.

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