17. Oktober 2005 — Montag


  • Opened TAR 4787052.993 to deal with the DB_VISTA ERROR 10 that happened due to a Windows client having a lock timeout error during the nightly unidbbackup run last Wednesday night. Severity 3.
  • Opened TAR 4787124.993 to deal with Ed’s ERROR 1714 unable to install Windows client because the older client is unable to be uninstalled. (I would have recommended that Ed reload the system since he did some manual removal before he reported the problem — except I’ve heard of at least one other person having a similar issue — where the older version would not delete, and was still there — because they didn’t go manually deleting files and registry entries).
    • Oracle’s recommendation to reinstall the client showed the directory where the existing installation still thought the old installer should be. Ed was able to delete that directory and then the installation worked.


  • Set up trace to see why WebCT 6.0 is UNABLE to authenticate with LDAP.

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