14. Oktober 2005 — Freitag

LDAP: “Student Employee” error cleared up
Calendar: Schedule database repair for Saturday morning (Grr)
Accounts: Examine why account rename failed — the code sent a request to modify the LDAP entry — but used one of the email addresses as an attribute name — that’s not going to work…. :-/
Oracle App: poked a hole in the firewall on the test machine for a new app server.
WebCT: Found out that the 6.0 code is completely stupid when it comes to reading SSL certificate files. I generally create the files with both the -text and -out flags so there is the human readable comment at the top of the file. Well, the JAVA SSL code in WebCT 6.0 cannot grok that file. It has to be just the PEM certificate and nothing else in the file. dum-da-dum-dum…

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