10. Oktober 2005 — Montag

LDAP: Cleared up two “Student Employee” errors in HRS feed from over the weekend.
RSA: Opened C0529431 to get Authentication Agent for PAM v5.3.4 working on RHEL3. The solution was to create a sdopts.rec file in /var/ace with the real client address specified (CLIENT_IP=132.198.xxx.xxx) in it. Apparently, the Linux version of this agent incorrectly grabs the loopback address when it is first connecting trying to exchange the node secret file. Sounds like 5.3.5 needs to be written… Hmm, perhaps something as stupid as making sure the address you pick is NOT… but what do I know, I’m not a programer 😉
WebCT: Worked with Justin and MJG facilitating the installation of WebCT 6.0 — ran into two snags:

  1. X11 on OS/X 10.4 did not work — the java/python (jython) install code didn’t work with it running as the server. The fix for this one was to use Xwin32 on a Windows laptop (We didn’t X11 on a linux machine).
  2. The installer code was looking for Linux, Solaris, or Windows as the OS of the database server. First off… Oracle is Oracle, so we have no idea why that query was really being done (perhaps to eventually determine if the DB server was running Oracle or Microsoft SQL). The fix was to modify the python script that was doing the query to just lie and come back that the OS was LINUX. Still have an open issue with WebCT support about this — We haven’t told them we fixed it.

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