5. Oktober 2005 — Mittwoch


  • Installed/configured ntp
  • Discovered that legato is better able to back up a system when the client code is actually running. Seems simply installing it isn’t enough (Duh!)
  • Disk connected to DB server, and filesystem created for db.

Nexsan: kick off surface scan to resolve the bad data block problem from the rebuild. Disk8 is throwing a ton of errors. Sent off a new log/config dump to Nexsan and they agree disk8 is bad and are sending a replacement.
mouse: replace failed disk drive… inquire for options to purchase more cold spares from TriniComp and DataTrend. Ordered two (2) from DataTrend.
SecurID: prepare to install replica server…

  • replica server configured and installed…
  • will make it production (aka pass out the new sdconf.rec file) tomorrow

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