29. September 2005 — Donnerstag

Calendar: Finished putting the access rights back to the way they had been. And, Oracle says this problem will be fixed in the version of the desktop client (THE CLIENT NOT THE SERVER!!!)

Purged two entries in the queue that were created around 2:30 Tuesday afternoon and were claiming to fail to send but were actually getting sent out every two hours. John Cooley notified me of the problem.
LDAP: AD Update broke… Greg fixed permissions on the entry that wouldn’t update and the modify commands were able to complete.

Student Employee error… found/merged.
Giraffe: ncftp … it starts counting with the systems listed in the .ncrecent file — which really messes with batch jobs that expect “ncftp 1” to run the first machine in the .ncftprc file…
eMail: telreq requests getting bounced by new in-mailgw. It was fixed yesterday, but I was slow to get to the report.
SecurID: got remote admin working and updated one of the two admin computers.
FootPrints: Issue #16250… “:” in filename prevents windows sftp program from downloading the file.

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