28. September 2005 — Mittwoch

Calendar: run uniuser command to make default for all resources that they are invitable by anyone — this because the command Oracle gave me yesterday that was to NOT change that value on the resources in fact changed it to not-invitable.

Resources explicitly made non-invitable: 1

Installing backup from two days ago on test machine to see if I can get the calendar server to tell me what people had…

Well, the backup is installed on the test server, but uniuser seems to be unable to extract the necessary information. I’ve updated the TAR requesting guidance — Oracle has appologized in the TAR that the uniuser -ex creates defaults if they are not in the resource.ini file.

Manually comparing (via the web interface) backup to the default and updating the production — got through the resources that begin with the letter q (r-z left to go).
LDAP: Student Employee (another graduate student)
Giraffe: ncftp not working…. hmmm… it worked this morning… It last worked on 9/22 and then it works again on 9/28… something not nice going on.
Beetle: reboot…. Oracle will not start/stop if machine has been up for more than 248 days…
SecurID: install sudo on server.

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