27. September 2005 — Dienstag

Calendar: Follow directions from Oracle on TAR 4723804.993 to set defaults for resources to show the time (but not the details) of personal and confidential events.

Hold on. Looks like the directions will reset every resource to the defaults as set in the resource.ini file — which is fine for most of them, I’m sure. However, I’m certain there will be a subset that are not booked by anyone and will need to be manually set. Posted back to the TAR asking how to not override the “anyone can book” value.

Account Services doesn’t have a list of conference rooms that were requested to be set up with values different than the defaults. Seeing if I can find that information from the uniuser command.

Apparently, there is no way to determine that information except through the web interface (ugh). Therefore, Oracle provided a workaround that would not cause change the private/public booking policy.
LDAP: lock down test server… bunch of machines on 103 are talking to it… and I don’t want that.

New version of ldap-stats.pl installed on servers

New version patched to report on the most popular list of attributes to request.

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