23. September 2005 — Freitag

SecurID: Gather info to call in on C0527788 at 8am.

Problem is fixed! Resolution was to go into the sdadmin program and edit the agent host entry for the agent and in there assign an acting master server and generate a new sdconf.rec file for the agent. Then copy that sdconf.rec file to the agent. It’s all fat dumb and happy now!

Now it is time to upgrade the remote admin installations.

Ouch… they don’t seem to work… need to open another case
Calendar: TAR 4723804.993 — the default viewing rights prevented people from seeing the room as booked for confidential meetings. And the Oracle Calendar was therefore not realizing that the room was already booked and double-booked it. Is the Oracle product really stupid enough to let the desktop client decide whether there is a conflict or not???

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