22. September 2005 — Donnerstag

SecurID: getting ready for tonight… Machine is now primed and ready to go.
Calendar: a conference room is double booked even though it isn’t supposed to be able to happen. Open TAR 4723804.993 — I bet Oracle will say to shut it down and run unidbfix again….
Catalyst: walked to Southwick to see the server location.
SecurID: giraffe didn’t like the new config… C0527788 opened. We don’t have 24×7, so I need to call back in on it at 8am Friday. One should also note that C0526005 (Authentication Agent 5.3.3 for PAM not working) was not a problem with the older ACE/Server 5.0 code running on deer — but rather with the PAM agent. It still didn’t work after pointing it at the ACE/Server 5.2 system. After upgrading to the newly released Authentication Agent 5.3.4 for PAM, it works with both of the servers.

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