29. Juli 2005 — Freitag

LDAP: Another Banner entry with lastname that begins with Delete: … ignore it for now, as those are going to be removed from the feed.
LDAP: Continue with the mink installation:

  • install /etc/init.d/vips
  • install root’s bin (ldap-stats.pl, skipit)
  • install monitor scripts (/usr/local/tsg/*)
  • regenerate raidcheck.template file…
  • install root’s crontab
  • update /etc/logrotate.conf (daily/31 copies)
  • set up BB monitoring
  • ph2ldap … requires openldap-devel (cyrus-devel)
    • /etc/ph2ldap/ph2ldap.cfg from ldap.uvm.edu (please)…
  • declare victory…
  • add into LVS.

LDAP: post rhel4 update checklist at ~fcs/ldap_rhel4.html and post to tsg mailinglist for review.
CALENDAR: worked with Account Services on a problem with provisioning new calendar accounts and found a bug in the PHP code that builds the LDAP entry required. It was not changing the surname as requested (the code was just missing).
LDAP: RHEL4 upgrade. 2/3 completed. Failed on third system (peregrine). Will try again tomorrow after the drives finish sync’ing after the bios update caused the card to think they were out of sync.

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