6. Juli 2005 — Mittwoch

LDAP: verification that nightly update process on the test server ran ok. Posting to OpenLDAP-software list asking if someone has written the code in PHP or PERL to figure out the canonical name of an attribute so the application can go after the correct attribute name (search for netid; get back uid; code go boom — not a real cool situation)
Calendar: upgrade test server to OCAL (seems to work fine) and OCAS (oops… it no run — open TAR 4494932.993 to resolve). Test unidbfix on test server. Oracle wants a web conference to work on the TAR. YAY! The problem is fixed. Seems there were some changes that needed to be made to the ocas.conf and ocwc.conf files that were NOT detailed in the README.html file. Oops… minor QA issue there.. Updates saved in in homedir.
CATalyst: Meeting about privacy…

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