30. Juni 2005 — Donnerstag

Calendar: Interacting with Oracle via the TAR (4476859.993) to work out how to deal with the corruption in the calendar database. So far, we have only determined that corruption exists, not what the corruption is. We also have no idea what is causing it. This is all very black magic and I don’t ever like that feeling.
Oracle has determined the problem is being caused by older versions of the desktop clients. One user in particular is causing the corruption, but all older clients should be upgraded to the newest version for their platform.
I have notified the one person and will test the upgrades Oracle has requested on the test server. Looks like an upgrade will be happening in July.
LDAP: Migrate the changes for the FERPA coverage from the production server to the test server to allow moving forward with the OpenLDAP 2.2.27/syncrepl/RHEL4/RFC2307 testing.

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