18. Mai 2005 — Mittwoch

LDAP: The sendmail alias entries reappeared in the ldap directory yesterday. Created by the rootdn. They created duplicate mailLocalAddress attribute values which caused the update process to abort (just as it did the last time on 29. Oktober 2004). Fixed it the same way as then — deleted all the sendmail aliases and reran the process by hand.
LDAP: manually add a retiree to the list… need a new copy of the spread sheet from HR.
Video Streamer: quick meeting/discussion about disks and counting of available spares
LDAP: FootPrints Issue #14435 Project #4 — is there something illegal in the entry? No, there isn’t.
LDAP: Work with Jim setting up a test LDAP server for mail routing
General: provide suggestions to Kent about a recalcitrant Sun box
LDAP/ERP: a little more work to move toward having catldap working.

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