11. Mai 2005 — Mittwoch

ERP: meetings in the morning about authentication and load balancing
SecurID: Had Sharon check on the return/reissue of the seed file. She found out that the vendor can issue a new seed file in the older format, which is completely opposite what I was told by RSA SecurID support. So, I don’t have to rush the upgrade of the server. YAY!
ERP LDAP: working with Don to set up a time to build and install the test server.
Power/AC: Change of plans. Instead of conditioning the power for VACC, we want to put in a new UPS. And instead of handling 225KVA like I was told earlier, now it’s only big enough that it will still fit on the existing 225KW generator… that means we can really only double the size of the UPS (about 160KVA).
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