6. Mai 2005 — Freitag

Space: rack2c moved some avi files to “backup” to free up 5% of the filesystem! rack{2a,2f,1b} moved users around to make more room and prevent pages.
General: parrot hardware and software emails with JSR/team.
LDAP: updated entry with bad HR fed catcard barcode, updated it to use the one catcard assigned to the 950ID from SIS.
Calendar: userid change; ran unidssync to update everything.
Accounts: Restore the email for one more of the people I purged before… perhaps I should not have actually deleted the accounts, but rather just removed the zoo data. This is #3 out of the 25 that were actually deleted.
Power: Meeting with Bob Wahlbach and Jim about providing up to 60KVA for the VACC in 205.

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