27. April 2005 — Mittwoch

Banner: Oracle database problem. JAS/MJG working on it. No page was received.
sendpage: it hung — modem needed a power cycle — at 16:30 yesterday afternoon. Discovered and cleared (cycle everything) at 8:30 this morning (OUCH!). Mike had written a first pass at a script to check this last fall. Started running the script. Need to tweak it for better checking later. Modified it to be more pager service friendly — send a single page with the details and only page the people who are actually on call.
Mink: httpd was not being automatically started, so John & Sharon couldn’t add people to the calendar server…. I really have problems with key system services not starting properly when a machine is booted.
LDAP: Set up a netid as a consultant while the AOE paperwork is processed.
Space: Moved an undergraduate account between filesystems to free up space.
On Call

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