25. April 2005 — Montag

LDAP: porcupine hung — slapd_db_checkpoint and slapd deadlocked (apparently) — and caused monitoring to backup. Thank goodness the loadbalancers weren’t fooled and pulled it out of the ldap.uvm.edu list. Resolved by kill -9’ing both processes and reloading the database from wolverine.
LDAP: added checks that saslauthd continues to work on the replica servers. Discovered that it was not working on porcupine at about 8:30 and started it back up, but the checks were not running so it was simple dumb luck that I happened to find it.
Recruitment: Final interview… never had an interviewee declare themselves unqualified and withdraw their application during an interview before.
SecurID: Install Solaris 9 on COBRA to experiment with version 6 of the server.

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