About the Team

UVM Extension Farm Viability works with farmers all over Vermont. Our team brings decades of experience in farm business planning. Contact any of our staff listed below to find out what business planning program is right for you.

Bennington: Betsy Miller  (Farm Business Planning)    1-800-287-1552    Betsy.Miller@uvm.edu  


Rutland (Forest Business): Chris Lindgren  1-800-281- 6977   Christopher.Lindgren@uvm.edu

St. Albans: (Farm Business Planning)

Tony Kitsos, 1-800-639-2130     Tony.Kitsos@uvm.edu

Zac Smith, 1-800-639-2130       Zachary.M.Smith@uvm.edu

Special Consultants and Partners: We have dozens of specialists that work on our projects

If you need assistance accessing the Farm Viability website, please contact Mark Cannella: 802-476-2003