Forest Business

 UVM Extension Small Business Planning for Loggers

This interactive PDF package developed by Steven Bick and Chris Lindgren can be used by timber harvesting companies to prepare the essential elements of a business plan. It includes business analysis modules and example business plans for tree-length, whole-tree, and cut-to-length systems.

Watch this Across the Fence television segment about a Vermont logger and our forest business planning program.

Are you a logger, manufacturer, or forest products business owner? Contact Chris Lindgren for program information: 1-800-281- 6977

UVM Extension is partnering with The Vermont Farm and Forest Viability Program to provide business education and one on one business coaching to forest related business’ in Vermont. Follow this link to a website for the statewide Farm and Forest Viability Program:

If you need assistance accessing the Farm Viability website, please contact Mark Cannella: 802-476-2003

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