Marketing Corner

Educational Materials:

UVM Extension Farm Business Digital Marketing Plan Outline (Zac Smith, 2020) (PDF)

UVM Extension Marketing Class Part 1 2014,  (5 P’s, Pricing, VT Poultry Market Trends), click to view slide show from class

UVM Extension Marketing Class Part 2, 2014, (Customer ID, Market Trends, Conducting Research), click to view slide show from class

Marketing Plan Outline, Good Egg Marketing

Market Research Workbook 2014, Rosalie Wilson Business Development Services

“Building a Sustainable Business: A Guide to Developing a Business Plan for Farms and Rural Businesses”  MISA, 2012. Planning Task # 4 includes an 83 page guide that includes  comprehensive fill-in worksheets to develop a marketing plan. Follow this link:

 Do-It-Yourself Guide to Conducting Market Research 2008, Agricultural Marketing Resource Center. This 53 page guide explains how value added food producers can conduct quantitative market research at the local,state and regional level.

Website Links: great links for secondary research and market demand trends

USDA Food Expenditures: click to visit website .    Sample: Table 1800, Average Annual Expenditures

Bureau of Labor Statistics, Consumer Expenditures Survey: click to visit website

USDA Agricultural Marketing Service: click to visit website.  Click the “market news” links to view market resources for various product categories   

Market Research Reports

Neighboring Food Coops Sourcing Priorities, 2009

Sodexo foodprint Nov 2012

Cornell Resource Guide to Direct Marketing Meat and Poultry

Vermont Dry-cured Meat Marketing Study, 2012

NOFA VT, Farm to Institution Report , 2012

Maintaining Farm ID Through Collaborative Marketing, Intervale Center 2008

Vermont Ground Beef Marketing Report, 2006

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