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Maple Business Professional Development Scholarship Available 2021-2023:

See this information sheet, US Maple Business PD and Advanced Studies

UVM is inviting participants to increase their skills and contribute to a growing network of maple business educational and service professionals. Educators, consultants, students and other professionals can participate to obtain more training on the maple industry, advance their own work and make connections within a growing network. See the information sheet link above or go directly to the online application to advance your studies and career with maple. This program has been extended to September 2023.

Maple Economics and Markets Interview Project    Extension Associate Professor Mark Cannella is currently researching maple producers perspectives on markets and market development initiatives. See this Research Information Sheet for more information.

Maple Benchmark Program  The University of Vermont has completed several years of maple syrup cost of production and financial analysis. The archive of maple benchmark reports are available at

Participating maple business owners will work one on one with a farm business adviser to calculate their financial cost of production for the maple enterprise. Each participant will receive a summary report of their business and be able to see how their business compares to other producers with similar operations. Business information is confidential and any shared business benchmarks will be averages or ranges to protect participant identities.

Watch this 15 minute video on VT Maple Benchmark (March 14, 2016)

Our Business Resources Have Moved! Go to the  to access business calculators, planning tools, legal templates and forestry resources.

More information: Complete and submit the information sheet above or email with questions.

If you need assistance accessing the Farm Viability website, please contact Mark Cannella: 802-476-2003

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