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[PDF] Conservation and Farm Viability on Vermont Small Farms, FBRR035-05/20 Results from a 2019 survey of Vermont’s Certified Small Farms.

[PDF] Water Quality Business Analysis: Best Practices for Project Planning, FBFS033-04/20     A project planning guide for business owners and professional advisers.

Maple Business Benchmark Reports: click here to access the maple reports

Legal Education and Environmental Regulations: click here to go to project page

[PDF] Guidelines for Transfer and Succession Plans, VHCB/UVM Extension/Land for Good

[PDF] 2015 Vermont Vineyard Feasibility Study,  FBRR014 06/15    Contact Mark Cannella directly for more information and access to the budget templates developed for this project.

[PDF] Scaling Up Egg Production, FBRR013-01/15,This 60 page resource guide explores business management of laying hens from 1,000 – 3,000 hens in size. 

[PDF] Broiler Demand at Small Grocers 2012-2013, FBRR011-5/14

[PDF] Risk Management Strategies on VT Farms in 2012: FBRR004-2/13
Summary of farm owner strategies following Tropical Storm Irene in Fall 2011

[PDF] Guide to Financing the Community Supported Farm
A 70 page resource guide that explores ways that farms are obtaining financing from community members. The guide highlights eight finance mechanisms and follows case studies of four farms. Legal, tax and farm finance specialists contribute to the guide.

[PDF] How to Determine the Right Farm Rental Rate
This 31 page guide provides an overview of the relevant factors and specific calculations you can use to establish rental rates or agree to pay them. The guide includes five sections: 1) assessing market rental rates, 2) assessing landowner costs to owning land, 3) how to value equipment and infrastructure, 4) factoring in farm business returns and 5) how to assess farmer contributions to the lease arrangement.

[PDF] Business Valuation for Sale   This guide outlines 5 key methods to evaluating the value of a business for sale. It includes: capitalization rate, comparable analysis, goodwill, assets based valuation and more.


[Excel] UME Extension Farm Account Book : an excel version of the traditional farm account book for tracking sales and expenses. [PDF] Instructions_ Using-the-Excel-NE-Farm-Account-Book

[Excel] Average Price Calculators       
Includes:1. “Average Price Calculator” for selling the same product to different outlets at different prices  and  2. “Whole Carcass Average Price Calculator” for livestock

[Excel] UVM EXT Maple Finance Worksheets Version 2010
(these spreadsheets were created by Glenn Rogers, Professor Emeritus, UVM Extension)

[Excel] Scaling Up Egg Production Spreadsheets, 2015

Small Flock Broiler Budget: FBSS003-2/13

Break Even Calculator: FBSS005-3/13

Farm Viability Financial Workbook for Vegetable or Diversified Farms 
Includes several spreadsheets for asset inventories, balance sheets, cash flow and income statement. Also includes finance scorecard with ratios for profitability, solvency and more.

Farm Viability Financial Workbook for Dairy or Livestock Farms
Includes several spreadsheets for asset inventories, balance sheets, cash flow and income statement. Also includes finance scorecard with ratios for profitability, solvency and more.

Crowd Funding FBFS001-2/13
Risk Sharing for Today’s CSA Farms: FBFS002-2/13
Mark-up and Margins to Set Prices: FBFS009-9/13
Farm Employer Overview: FBFS010-12/13


One Page Logging Business Plan: FBWS 028-11/18

Sample Lease: Multi-year
Sample Lease: Short Form
Sample Lease: Maple Sugarbush (2003, link to Extension Maple webpage)
Dairy SWOT Analysis Worksheet: FBWS007-6/13                                                 
On Farm SWOT Assessment
Risk Management Worksheet: FBWS004-4/13
[PDF] Sample Dairy Farm Business Plan

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