Legal Education and Environmental Regulations

In an 18-month project conducted in 2016-2017, manure-injectionUVM Extension Agricultural Business provided legal education to Vermont farmers and related business owners as the state transitioned to new Required Agricultural Practices (RAPs). In the process we created the following set of fact sheets:

Farm Business Entities and Conservation Payment Limits

Legal Risk Custom Operator Liability

Road to RAPs (PowerPoint slides) with sample Indemnification Provision

The Road to RAPs by Annette Higby

Enforcement, Due Process and Administrative Process by Annette Higby 

Managing Change Scenarios

Water Quality: Assessment and Action Sheet

Implementation Plan for Water Quality Change



If you are interested in working directly with a farm business educator to assess the water quality issues facing your farm, check out our Water Quality Business Analysis program or contact Tony Kitsos to learn more (Toll  Free: 800-639-2130)

This project was sponsored by the Northeast Risk Management Education Center

The above fact sheets are based upon work supported by USDA/NIFA under Award Number 2015-49200-24225

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