Finalized Phenology Blog

After visiting my Phenology site for the last time I was swept away in memories of my place. I’ve noticed that some barberry leaves are starting to come out along with more trees that are blooming. More ferns are starting to comeout in the undergrowth although in my Eastern White Pine stand there is still a scarcity of greenery found on the ground.

Some barberry is starting to turn green.

In my Phenology spot nature and culture join together in the forms of various recreation activities, music, and history. In Centennial woods many people can be found with their dogs or by themselves hiking the trails, hammocking, and birding. During my visit I also heard someone playing music which also adds to the culture of the place. And of course history is intertwined in this spot with the abenaki tribes who were here before the European settlers to now fellow Burlingtonians. I remember in the winter seeing fellow classmates skiing the trails creating a fun activity that can be enjoyed in this nature spot.

I do believe myself to be a part of my place because in my mind in order to be a part of something you need to have been there and reflected on it and been changed by it. By creating this blog I have become apart of my Phenology spot, but also by just walking on the trails and impacting the dirt I have left a part of myself. Perhaps for years to come as people read my blog and visit my spot they will learn to that they have become a part of this wonderful nature spot.

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