Spring Break Post

The environment I immersed myself was an old plantation owner’s property in Henderson, North Carolina. The current owners turned it into a little farm with pasture out front for their 5 horses to graze on. In the back there were 2 tea cup pigs and 4 chicks in a hen house. The tree’s down there were already blooming with flowers and the temperature was quite warm. I saw few birch trees, a handful of loblolly pines, some red maples, and a few Oaks.

My phenology site in contrast has no blooming tree’s and there has been snow on the ground for the past few months. My site is along a brook while the old plantation property had no water running through it except a pool and a pond. The wildlife seen in North Carolina included a small herd of deer, a red fox, many different birds I couldn’t identify, and a eastern cottontail. At my phenology spot the only wildlife I’ve seen are grey squirrels and American crows. Both my phenology site and the NC property had animal tracks. As the old plantation owners had 6 dogs I’m pretty sure I saw dog prints in the mud and in Centennial in the snow I’ve seen dog prints as well.

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