Blog entry 3/14

It was slightly warm this morning. I decided to take my coat off. I had heard many sparrows flying through the green plants. I walked down the hill, at the base, on the muddy path. Then I walked to my spot, the red oak leaves crinkled as my sneakers moved. I brought my art supplies. I was determined to find birds with different calls. I brought my binoculars this time. I wanted to improve my ability to recognize birds from their sound. I found there were a lot of Tufted titmouse and Blue Jays near the back area where the wall is with woody plants. I also found American robins flying to trees further from my spot. I now know the call of the robin. I noticed the robin had different variations of calls. Their songs are quite beautiful. I saw one hopping along the ground, most likely picking for berries. I’m going to research the behavior of these birds I’ve found. I saw three house sparrows were chasing each other, being playful, and flew to one of the pines. I found a great composition for either a painting or oil pastel art piece I could do. I’m going to miss this peaceful spot. On the way back, when I was on the top sidewalk in Riverside I noticed ravens at the top of the trees.

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