Natural Area Wetland, Woodland, Wildland

After looking at the list of natural communities, my spot appears to be either a Hemlock-Northern Hardwood Forest or a Laurentian-Acadian Pine-Hemlock-Hardwood Forest. There are a lot of pines and hemlocks. There are also mixed deciduous trees that are usually in these forests, including sugar maple and yellow birch. When I searched pictures of these two forests, it looked like a variation of my area. It may be closer to
Laurentian-Acadian Pine-Hemlock-Hardwood Forest since the forest is dominated by pines. The substrate on my spot is mostly saturated, well drained/sandy soil, mostly by the stream. This makes sense because there’s a stream. Hemlock-Northern Hardwood forests usually have well drained soils. Hardwood forests tend to have well drained sandy soils.
Laurentian-Acadian Pine-Hemlock-Hardwood Forest usually has acidic soil, which is why there would be a lot of Eastern White Pines.

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