Blog entry 3/8

Although its warmer, winter is still very much alive! The first thing I noticed that was different was that there were more human prints as well as dog prints. As its warmer and the sun is shining, it’s the perfect time for a hike! Due to all the human prints, it was difficult to track animals. There weren’t tracks to see. I found more deer scat. Some of the deep prints in the snow may have been that of deer. I went beyond my spot out in the open. I could hear a lot of ravens and the sound of creaking branches. The snow went up to my knees. I could hear the soft sounds of the moving water. It was peaceful.

I was walking along the stream. There is a relationship between hydrology and substrate. It depends on the characteristics of the soil, whether it would absorb much water. Some of these characteristics include texture and structure. Coarse texture soil would absorb water more easily than fine textured soils. I haven’t checked the soil in a while, but I remember the soil in my spot having a coarse texture. It’s difficult to notice any change in the water table due to ice.

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