Blog entry 2/1/19

There was a lot of snow cover today. It was difficult to distinguish the land from water. I noticed fresh tracks scattered on the snow. It was still challenging to identify the tracks. I used the ruler on the back of my book to measure the straddle. I had noticed first an animal had galloping tracks. I presumed it was a squirrel, most likely gray, it had larger prints. The squirrel may have went to get its nuts. I then noticed an animal that had gone in a diagonal pattern. I think it was a fox trying to hunt. I noticed small scat sprinkled and holes in the snow. The holes could have been mice, vole, or other small animals moving in and out of the snow. The fox may have been looking to find food. It was circling around the fallen hemlock along the frozen covered waters. Away from the waters I found what could have been rabbit tracks. I also found deer tracks. They were moving but I couldn’t track where they were going. A lot of tracks faded. I heard loud bird noises and I plan on identifying the birds soon.

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