I’m back! Blog entry

It has been a nice long winter break and now I’m back for the second semester! My spot has changed drastically over the course of the bitter cold December and January! Snow has blanketed the ground. As I walked around my spot I could hear the crunch of the snow. I looked down at the ground and saw specks of scat sprinkled in the powder. I also noticed small footprints. It’s amazing how many footprints are imprinted in the snow! I found it difficult to identify the animals because there were footprints overlapping one another. Also I didn’t have a ruler. I know to bring for my next visit. Trying to single out one trail to track is like trying to look at a subway map in NYC if you don’t live there. It can be overwhelming. Also often parts of the footprint didn’t show clearly in the snow so it was difficult to see what animal it could be. I spent my time meandering in the snow, trying to focus on observing the footprints. Pines lay on the snow. Multiple branches had fallen so I could find buds to identify. The stream was completely frozen. Something unusual I heard was a sound that was like a swingset creaking that kept repeating. I wonder what that sound was. On my way back I heard multiple kinds of unusual sounds. I heard something that sounded like a door creaking. The noise from different areas seemed to respond to one another. I could also hear the gust of the wind blowing through the pines.

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